Photography Club Talks

Faces of the Art – long exposure photography talk.

The talk is divided into three parts:

To start it off a number of outstanding long exposure images are presented as examples of various ways of utilising this more and more popular technique.
During the second part I am discussing photography takes on reality and presenting long exposure photography as a genuine art of its own standing.
Third part is dedicated to basic technical options, ND filters presentation and Q&A.

Upcoming talks:


Sevenoaks Camera Club – Monday, April 12th2021

Past talks:

Hodsoll Street Camera Club
Isle of Thanet Photographic Society
Canterbury Photographic Society
Tonbridge Camera Club
Folkestone Camera Club

Melanie Chalk
Melanie ChalkFolkestone Camera Club
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Thank you Derek for a most interesting and informative presentation last night. What I took away from the evening was how considered you are in the meticulous planning and research before arriving at a shoot, something we should all do but very often don't. You illustrated such vision in how you see the finished image, how to perfect it in camera, I totally admire someone who can do this. You have perfected this through practise and experience and attention to detail and I think an excellent memory. You made the Warren look very beautiful and I loved the very moody shot of the Five Boulders, that is the type of shot I would like to emulate.
Susan Gyver
Susan GyverWhitstable Camera Club
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Derek presented us with some powerful imagery and spoke about how its significance affects our state of consciousness. Since the first photographs (using long exposures) the captured image was used as a messenger to not only record but to also evoke emotions whether it be to shock, to calm or to amuse. Images from iconic photojournalism to beautiful artworks including his own love of long exposure I have certainly come away from Derek's presentation having had my feelings challenged, and realising that my own photography would benefit if it conveyed mood to my audience, and achieve my own form of expressionism.
Kate Whoriskey
Kate WhoriskeyHodsoll Street Camera Club
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That was an incredible presentation - you told us you were going to start by making us feel uncomfortable, with some famous imagery that we have been exposed to through journalism, brutality to humanity etc and the power of the images were replaced with serene beauty in some of the other images and the long exposures. We lingered on the challenging and serene images and as each was unfolded Derek’s knowledge and enthusiasm for the subject shone through.

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