You who have not been born under the immobilized sun,
Who needs no bridge to cross the water,
Who, in all your purity, ordered me to leave
The garden, forbade contact with the other,
Even though the other was not yet created,

It is time we finally spoke.

Man to man.

Instead of slathering time
On sending compromised teachers,
Would it not be better if you explained
It all to us yourself? Dead

Set on understanding we discovered
Disparities worse than rotten onions.

A world-wide life TV broadcast, dedicated
YouTube channel, every word tweeted, front-page pictures,
Large screens powered by portable hybrid solar/wind,
For remote hamlets, best translators, anything
To make sure
Your word reaches everybody
And you be universally recognised
For who you are.

Myself, I am
Trivial like a rainbow
Over a waterfall
And would go content
Just with an explanation

Why, for the eternal life
Of me, why do you hide
Behind murky parables, multiple
Meanings, symbols
Already spoken for, followers
Forever falling out,

And why, when I trudge home
From an unforgivable party
You, in the waning light of the day,
Put a blind child in my way,
Standing alone at the crossing, who
When asked if could use some help,
Speaks to me calmly:

Sometimes disguised,
Sometimes successful, the same message
Is sent to you every day:
There is a lake, there is a boat,
There is the other side. Choose.

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