My name is Hubris

My name is Hubris

The name is Hubris. Like a policeman at the crossroads
Supercilious and differing, out of touch, and clearly
Powerless against my own powers;

Is it not how you see me?

I hold my head
Just like you.
My gait is not unlike yours.

To our detriment
Common awe and individual trepidation
Bore much slyer a power.

Myth-fed and weak of mind
Generations, never realising crafty self-betrayal,
Elapsed without a second chance.

I do not see
Why we should agree
To be smite by lightning when we chafe His pride.
If you can outclass the average, if you can outshine the dry
And the monotonous who bog this tender land,


None but who created Him
Can end this soundless impudence, this barren jealousy.
Fear not, your heart is watchful enough.

In your defence, in your honour
I shall wax insolent whenever I see fit.

Fatherless Atë, my stubborn pride, strife with me. Go
About my business and let my enemies
Not ride the raging bull too long.

Under the scorching sun of our hills, north of Marathon,
Dwells the one whom I shall never swear allegiance.

You say she is the rightful child of Nyx. I like to believe her
A flood of darkness. She vultures, macerates minds
Moon-fresh and crock-agile. Her swan-like wings
Quieten cities in primeval fear.

With stony indifference, with adrenaline bribe, she can, if allowed,
Dupe you into believe yourself throned, champagne-bathed, dealt the best hand ever.
This feels good; and right. Feels good as it lasts, feels right forever.

The one to be truly feared
Parasites inside you. Part and parcel. Every day you must stomp,
Seal and deliver
Yourself from hiss whisper.

Shame your victim but give what is due.
Do your washing-up. Order your books. Feed the cat.
This is your true reward. No other deserts will ever arrive.

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