Adam El Tauco

Adam El Tauco

My half-domesticated Termagant, my Miko,
My very own Lilith, wear your hair loose,
My sleep disturb. By this oath yours
I become, my very own black air maker.

My neck-amulet bears three winged names
My travels found as honest as the red serpent.
My hope bringing, enveloping Wind,
I, who slept alone, am yours.

My dearest Howl, I stand in solemn prayer.
My hundred thirty years of fasting;
My insalubrious men drunk when
I, emitted accidentally, as long as you dance.

My forgotten body, my lost Shabbat,
My soft revenge in carnality;
My venom, my rancour, how well you vex
I, your abundant temple, who defiles itself.

I will have you lie below or else shall make you taste
I sea-bottom sleep. All my masks and all my hands await
Your second coming. Nook me up in Gropecunt Lane,
My Dark Moon, my ensnared freedom.

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