Ta, Administrator

Ta, Administrator

I went to our admin office as I was summoned to do
By the yellow post-it note delivery-boy-stuck on my desk.

It read: Please will Mr(here was my name scribbled
Over a dotted line) report to the admin office on (date

And time they expected me to show up).
After all, that’s what they paid me for – to do what I’m told

9 through 5. And overtime. And Saturdays,
Occasionally. Signed: Admin. Strange name.

I saw it again on the badge in the lapel
Of his black jacket, pressed to perfection. James Admin.

James Admin asked me if I was alright,
Ushered into his cubicle, let me taste his coffee

And got down to business. I suppose that’s what he does for money,
Gets down. When he went up again

I was a transformed man, no longer a shy employee
But a quiet unemployment benefit collector-to-be.

I like this chap, James Admin, a lot. In a few words
He gave me the chance to venture farther afield. I can

Honestly say now that I got to know
The neighbourhood rather well and am ready

To venture farther still, providing someone dumps
A bike, a bike-bag, a bike-pump and a reliable map.

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