A thousand names

A thousand names

Le silence éternel de ces espaces infinis

Said to comprehend all aspects, in all manifestations,
Universal, and considered true in all places and at all times.
It is both itself and the being between,
The ‘self’ you meet, when you meet
An instance of itself.

A half true, a whole lie; it is
An assumption you make.

It floats in a basket, climbs down the mountain,
It routs the enemies with a rod of triumph.
Its laws include light, incense and sacrifice.

It does not exist, no more than the apple on this table.

Absurd in the highest degree,
The opposite of a profound truth,
It is immaterial and not connected.

An incomplete jotting,
Speak not in its name.

Pleased with me, frustrated with me.
Please do not encourage me to adhere.
Of those who claim to be true followers I wary.
Shall look for it elsewhere.

Souls who attain the complete understanding are wise
Enough not to share it with us.
All true knowledge evaporates before it’s learnt.

How can he be everywhere, pervading all things at the same time?
Even though I consider your views before my own
I consist of rather than constitute.
There is no spell for me to fell under.
Tenetless, I cling to nothing

And represent myself only, a blind man
Whose hands touch the elephant.
I am the elephant afraid of the blind man.

Going, going, then going some more.
And when gone no splinter’s honed, no drop of water rounded.

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