Fool to Lear

Fool to Lear

Faces once dutiful,
Today’s derision division.                                      

Snake-wise tongues knew
Your ears’ desire.

Satisfied now,
Pearl garish words

To dumbfounded,
Foppish face

That is yours.

Knell the time
Of no mercy.

Son of a noble whore
Where is your home,

Fire place,
Where is wine in your glass?

Inspection section
Of the realm

No longer yours,
Keeps tireless watch,

Pouts and pours out
Rank lassitude

At your very presence;
Checks your puny steps,

Bolts the last door.
Frowsty louse,

No one, nothing

Your naked, wizened body
Howling futile rancour.

This night,
Bleak as a rotten corpse,

Is brighter than hours to come.
Fortune’s bastard,

Aged before growing sage,
Loveless blind,

Who could not tell
True devotion,

You know
Not where you are.

Heaven does not love you,
The earth does not know you.

Scattered kingdom
Protects no more.               

My Fear, my liege,
Tempest and contempt

Upon a crownless head,
For all the time you’ll know.

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