I wish I were an elephant

I wish I were an elephant

For start the creature
Is agreeably round
And unlike most of my neighbours

A further charming thing
Is the trunk
Gradually gracefully
His approach

German solidity
Meets Japanese fan-art
As he goes jogging
Keeping abreast
With his breast
He sings Venetian fountains to the noontime

Unlike most of my neighbours
This dotted dad
This chubby hubby
Deadly devoted
To his drove of wives
Has no natural enemies

Genuine gentleman
Strolls with no care in the world
Of lions and hyenas
His cane’s knob shines
His suit and bowler hat
Freshly dusted

And where the closing drop
Makes other beasts stop
This sanguine emperor
Puts on a brave trunk
Squats in the lotus position
And nods his assent

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